Swayze Barbara Kruger

This piece was inspired by the artist Barbara Krueger. Her artwork is made to address global issues. The global issue I chose to address is Elder Abuse, which could be anything from physical to financial. I focused mainly on financial. Hence the quote being about an ATM machine.




Swayze Sculptris

This piece was made differently then my other work. This is a character I made on the program called sculptris. This program allows you to make a 3D character made out of clay. After I finished on sculptris I then brought this piece into photoshop and took a screen shot of my character from different angles and masked a furry texture over top.

The Beatles and Me

Swayze portrait

This is my favourite piece of art work I made this semester. This is a hybrid portrait made on photoshop using a lot of masking. This piece really shows my personality with the vibrant colours and the doodles in the background. My favourite band of all time is The Beatles. So I thought it would be a creative idea if I dressed up like them in the picture and make it look like i am walking with them. Since in this image they are walking i decided to make my name look like it is part of the sidewalk that they were walking on. Another creative element in this piece is the lyrics masked onto the buildings